May 20, 2013

Digitised Yearbooks

Digitised Yearbooks Few publishers of high quality reference material that is costly to produce are prepared to give expensive content away on the world wide web. Exceptions are usually government agencies such as the National Library of New Zealand or Statistics New Zealand. The challenge from online resources is having a significant impact on printed reference resources. For example the New Zealand Year book produced by Statistics New Zealand, is now only available as online content. Digitisation can also make older print material more widely available. For example, Statistics New Zealand have digitised older yearbooks from 1893 to 2008 and these are freely available on their website: now includes up to 2012 . You can see the yearbook is now digitised every two years. For release date of yearbook for 2014 you could try the release calendar on statistics New Zealand homepage. The release calendar gives monthly links to upcoming information releases. Another useful point to find relevant data on the statistics New Zealand webpage is the quick links on home page particularly under census for latest 2013-2014 info. post note: The Stats NZ Board decided in 2012 to no longer produce the Yearbooks in any format. The 2012 digital yearbook was the final in the series (as of 2019). Digitised Yearbooks

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