May 20, 2013

Digitised Yearbooks

Digitised Yearbooks Few publishers of high quality reference material that is costly to produce are prepared to give expensive content away on the world wide web. Exceptions are usually government agencies such as the National Library of New Zealand or Statistics New Zealand. The challenge from online resources is having a significant impact on printed reference resources. For example the New Zealand Year book produced by Statistics New Zealand, is now only available as online content. Digitisation can also make older print material more widely available. For example, Statistics New Zealand have digitised older yearbooks from 1893 to 2008 and these are freely available on their website: now includes up to 2012 . You can see the yearbook is now digitised every two years. For release date of yearbook for 2014 you could try the release calendar on statistics New Zealand homepage. The release calendar gives monthly links to upcoming information releases. Another useful point to find relevant data on the statistics New Zealand webpage is the quick links on home page particularly under census for latest 2013-2014 info. post note: The Stats NZ Board decided in 2012 to no longer produce the Yearbooks in any format. The 2012 digital yearbook was the final in the series (as of 2019). Digitised Yearbooks

September 22, 2010

Who can I vote for in the Local Elections?

Local elections

 In this website you can search who is standing for the October 9 local body elections in New Zealand in your locality.


Local elections

September 14, 2007

Wikis in Plain English

Wikis in Plain English

This video again is excellent and well worth watching. It gives a quick concise introduction to Wiki's.

Wiki providers:

Personally I am using pbwiki.

This video it but one in a serious of videos about "web 2.0" applications all "in plain (united states) English. The visual aspect of teaching is well done. There are further videos about Twitter, social networking, blogging, RSS, pods etc. You can search the related videos by viewing the other video posts by Le Le Fever.

With best wishes, Heli.

Wikis in Plain English

June 05, 2007

Directory of Lawyers in New Zealand

Now here’s a tip for finding a lawyer in New Zealand.

Try this website of the Auckland District Law Society

There is a tab at the top that says “find a lawyer”

Click here then use the search functions to search lawyers

by lawyer type, surname, town, or district within New Zealand.

The New Zealand Law Society also has a useful web page.

You can Google search using this keyword phrase to see.

There is also a directory of lawyers put out by Brookers

So you will need to visit this url:

A directory like this is useful if searching for addresses

to post a sales proposal or a mail out to many lawyers.

Alternatively you can use the NZ yellow pages or the

NZ white pages in the telephone directory:

Auckland Law site url :

Directory of Lawyers in New Zealand

Legislation sources - how up to date are these Reference Team memo summary below, of interest to others who deal with the public...

"In Hastings Library we hold printed copies of NZ Statutes and Regulations and these are updated several times a year. We received reprinted Statutes and Regulations a couple of times a year.

==> Interim website of New Zealand Legislation (hosted by Brookers) - updated monthly Acts and Regulations -current versions with amendments incorporated. Search and browse.

==> Knowledge Basket: - Has only unconsolidated legislation, i.e, not updated within legislation.

==> Bills and Supplementary Order Papers (SOPs) Browse only.

==> Acts -- original versions (amendments not incorporated), and reprints published
since 1/11/04. Browse only.

==> Regulations -- original versions(amendments not incorporated), and reprints
published since 1/10/03

Our Brookers New Zealand Law Partner Legislation and Cases Database is the most up to date version, being updated within 1-3 days of receipt of assent copies of Acts and hard copies of Regulations...."

Public Access to Legislation (PAL) Project - almost there.

"The PAL Project is designed to improve the way in which New Zealand Legislation is made available to the public. The aim of the project is to provide public access to up-to-date official legislation in both printed and electronic forms. Electronic versions will be available free via the internet." More at
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