April 27, 2007

World Blood Donor Day

Give life...
give Blood.

Donating Blood can help save a life.
World Blood Donor Day June 14th

Telephone 0800 448 325 0800 GIVEBLOOD

"The aim of World Blood Donor Day is to give particular thanks to individuals who donate their blood of their own free will, without any reward except feeling personal satisfaction about helping to save someone's life.

The objective is not to attract a big influx of new blood donors on the 14th of June, but to create wider awareness of the importance of voluntary unpaid blood donation. It is to encourage more people to become regular donors, including healthy donors who have already given blood when it was needed by a family member or friend. It also aims to promote healthy lifestyles among blood donors.

Did You Know?

Some 80% of New Zealanders will need blood or a blood product during their lifetime
Every donation can save up to three lives
The New Zealand Blood Service always needs new donors (to replace those who no longer donate) — preferably a constant supply who will keep donating over the medium to long term.
Becoming a blood donor is easy

Donating blood is safe and easy and takes less than an hour of your time
For more information on the plans for World Blood Donor Day in New Zealand, please contact:

Marketing Manager

+64 9 523 2866 ddi
+64 275 650 556 mobile
E-mail: paul.hayes@nzblood.co.nz"

I have rung the main telephone line 0800 GIVE BLOOD and found the Napier line is 0800 448354. Now there are some eligiblity questions!

* you must weigh over 50kgs
* you must not be pregnant
* first time doners must be aged between 16 and 60 and existing doners up to 75 if
in good health
* After Body piercings and tatoos there is a six month wait
* You must not be on antibiotics, wait 7 days after last antibiotic
* No symptoms of flu or colds
* After vomiting, need one week before eligible
* After dental treatment must wait 24 hours
* Also if you have lived in or visited the UK (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern
Ireland), or the Republic of Ireland or France between 1980 and 1996 for six
months or longer you are also inelegible).
I asked why and it is because of mad cow disease.

* You are welcome to phone to talk to the nurses or specialists when you call for
information or an appointment.
My own sister has been working in this area for 14 years now and is currently team
leader of blood services in her home locality so I like to support this very
valuable and important cause, and to thank these medical workers, specialists and managers
and our voluntary blood doners in New Zealand and worldwide in the run up to
World Blood Donor Day

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