January 03, 2007

World Vision

World Vision

This beautiful gift came from my thoughtful and caring and hard working sister. I was impressed my it and also I thought to promote it and also her but I would need to check with her before I publish any information about how great she is!

She sponsored a gift of ten trees and also a piglet on my behalf (seeing how much I like bacon) to help children and families overseas through world vision.

I am providing a link to their beautiful website www.giftsofhope.org.nz
The gift came with cards for the Ten Trees it read:

Trees provide more than just a shady spot on a sunny day. They can be planted on land that has been badly eroded by desforestation to improve soil quality and help the whole community grow better produce. Trees can also be a source of income when sold as firewood. provide natural pesticides and their leaves can be used to feed animals. This gift provides a farmer with 10 trees, ready for planting.

With the piglet the text reads:
A pig can provide a farmer in Africa with a much needed source of protein and income. Pigs breed fast and when the first piglets arrive, they are passed on to community groups who raise them to buy food for orphans in the community. Any other piglets can be sold to supplement the family's income.


World Vision

Quote of the Day
"The trick is to make sure you don't die waiting for
prosperity to come." -- Lee Iacocca

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