October 17, 2006

Paua shells for sale - NZ$15

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For more about Paua visit: http://www.fish.govt.nz This is a government fisheries site with info on Paua and other New Zealand fish species and policies. You need to use the search function within this web page to find the Paua reports.


Anonymous said...

kia orana,my sister lives in rarotonga and is in great need of paua shells for their dances costums.if you could help me out or point me in the best direction i'd be so greatful.

Helena said...

kia orana!

This photo was taken in the South Island four years ago in 2006.

On the internet I googled "paua factory" and note you can purchase online from Riverton, Carterton and possibly Auckland factories.

At the link below I noticed they were retailing for $22. I'm unsure if this is the best buy but a good indicator of cost.


You can also purchase paua pieces which might be needed for the costumes in Rarotaonga.

good luck in your search.

Helena said...

Or for unpolished Paua under $5 ...

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