May 20, 2013

Digitised Yearbooks

Digitised Yearbooks Few publishers of high quality reference material that is costly to produce are prepared to give expensive content away on the world wide web. Exceptions are usually government agencies such as the National Library of New Zealand or Statistics New Zealand. The challenge from online resources is having a significant impact on printed reference resources. For example the New Zealand Year book produced by Statistics New Zealand, is now only available as online content. Digitisation can also make older print material more widely available. For example, Statistics New Zealand have digitised older yearbooks from 1893 to 2008 and these are freely available on their website: now includes up to 2012 . You can see the yearbook is now digitised every two years. For release date of yearbook for 2014 you could try the release calendar on statistics New Zealand homepage. The release calendar gives monthly links to upcoming information releases. Another useful point to find relevant data on the statistics New Zealand webpage is the quick links on home page particularly under census for latest 2013-2014 info. post note: The Stats NZ Board decided in 2012 to no longer produce the Yearbooks in any format. The 2012 digital yearbook was the final in the series (as of 2019). Digitised Yearbooks

August 30, 2011

Count Down to Rugby World Cup

For More information on Rugby World Cup in Napier ...

Napier is hosting two pool games in the international tournament - France v Canada on September 18 and Canada v Japan on September 27. Both games will be played at McLean Park, the region's premium rugby venue.

Close to 300 volunteers will be turning out to help make Rugby World Cup in Napier an enjoyable experience for everyone taking part.

The visiting teams are to receive mayoral welcomes, visit marae, take part in open team practices and meet schoolboy rugby teams. The Canada team will be in town for 15 nights, Japan for six and France for three...

Banners fluttering from atop 336 power poles - including those flanking the city's scenic Marine Parade - will ensure Napier is well 'dressed' for the duration of the Rugby World Cup. So the city will be looking its best for a showcase occasion, with a predicted 85,000 - 95,000 international visitors in New Zealand for an average stay of 22 days. (Short summary of full article on Napier City Council website).

See Also events Calendar NZ/Hawke's Bay ==>

New Zealand will be in celebration mode for the next six weeks, with great rugby games and festival events happening all over the country. Opening ceremony is on Friday 9th September followed by the opening test match Tonga vs All Blacks in Auckland.

For more on rugby celebrations throughout New Zealand


For latest results and games played today

see the official RWC site ==>

for 4 minute video of each rugby game highlights ==>

For video highlights from the opening ceremony ==>


June 09, 2011

Statistics New Zealand update.

New revamped Statistics New Zealand homepage:

Some key changes are:

Our latest releases are easier to find
Our search is now powered by Google
Our homepage is easier to navigate with coloured boxes clearly defining different areas

Time Use Survey 2009/10 results coming soon
On 21 June, the first results from the country's second Time Use Survey will be released. The first Time Use Survey was run in 1998/99.

The release will include a wealth of information, such as:

the amount of time people spend doing paid and
unpaid work
the amount of time people spend watching television
how much time people spend in the company of others.

Head to the Time Use Survey 2009/10 web page to find out more and read some interesting results from the last survey.

Next census to be held in March 2013
Statistics New Zealand has welcomed the Government's decision to hold the next census in March 2013 and has begun work on the project.

The 2011 Census was called off following the 22 February Christchurch earthquake. It could not have been successfully completed given the national state of emergency and the probable impact on census results.

The Government and Statistics NZ had considered holding the census in March 2012. However, the risk of a census not being able to be run properly in that short period of time was too high.

The exact census date is expected to be announced later this year, after Parliament approves legislation required to hold a census in 2013.

International guest nights down in South Island
Guest nights fell 5.4 percent in March 2011 compared with March 2010, the latest Accommodation Survey results show. The decrease was driven by a fall in international guest nights in the Canterbury region and throughout the South Island.

Due to the earthquakes in September 2010 and February 2011, less accommodation was available in Canterbury. Available capacity was down by half for hotels and by a third for backpacker accommodation, compared with March 2010.

All five South Island regions had fewer guest nights in March 2011 compared with March 2010 whereas the North Island recorded an overall increase in guest nights.

Trade surplus reaches new high

In April 2011, there was a trade surplus of $1.1 billion, or 24 percent of the value of exports. This is the highest monthly surplus ever recorded and the highest in almost 20 years as a percentage of exports.

The total value of goods exported in April 2011 rose $691 million (17 percent) from April 2010, to reach $4.7 billion – also a new high.

The total value of goods imported in April 2011 rose $238 million (7.2 percent) from April 2010, to $3.5 billion, led by increases in petroleum and products values.

The annual trade balance for the year ended April 2011 was a surplus of $1.2 billion (2.6 percent of exports). This is the largest surplus for a year ended April since 1994.

Go to the Overseas Merchandise Trade: April 2011 information release for the latest trade figures.

Estimates and projections added to Interactive Boundary Maps

You can now use Interactive Boundary Maps to view your neighbourhood's estimated and projected population.

Find out your area's estimated population for 2010 and projected population for 2031. Information is available for all area units, territorial authorities, and regions.

Interactive Boundary Maps is a free online tool that provides information such as number of people, median age, and median personal income, from the regional level right down to the street level.

The estimated and projected population figures are based on the 2006 Census of Population and Dwellings.

A unique look at NZ's economic progress

The 2011 Economic Development Indicators report provides a unique overview of how New Zealand's medium-term economic performance compares with other OECD countries.

Chapters include:

New Zealand's economic relationship with Australia and its states
Auckland – an internationally competitive city
Wellbeing and prosperity
The composition of the New Zealand economy.

The report is a joint publication between the Ministry of Economic Development, the Treasury, and Statistics NZ. Questions and requests for hard copies can be sent to

Profile of New Zealand in 2011 This takes a bit of time to download in pdf. There is a chapter in here on current average wage levels.


April 06, 2011



I was introduced to this technology over a year ago by two different sources at once. I liked it and have been meaning to post something myself; the next time that I write a paper, I would like to upload to slide share also.

Just tried it out by transferring some photos to a word document and uploading, a good result, although I also need some original text ideally, I was interested to first just try the upload to see layout... So what are the names of these animals. Did you spot the yellow eyed penguin, the tuatara, the black swan, the Kea, the nearly dead jellyfish, the ancient Moa bones, possum on the road, deer, sheep?...

I also have photos of red beaked black stilts I must share another time.

Additional source: slideshare blog ==>
....Most popular presentations ==>


February 16, 2011

Art Deco Festivities - Commemorating 80 years since the Feb 3 1931 Hawke's Bay earthquake

Art Deco Festivities



Art Deco Festivities

December 06, 2010

Government datasets online

Government data sets online. is a directory of publicly-available, non-personal New Zealand government datasets. This site does not host data, instead it links to datasets held on other government websites.

Official Statistics are produced by government departments to provide information for government and government departments, local government, businesses and the general public.

Government data sets online.


Government data sets online
Post note: Also of note is the government site index at This site acts as a good first point for describing and directing you to navigate to a broad range of government services.

September 22, 2010

Who can I vote for in the Local Elections?

Local elections

 In this website you can search who is standing for the October 9 local body elections in New Zealand in your locality.


Local elections

September 04, 2010

Christchurch Earthquake

 Earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand this morning. (7.4). Ongoing Aftershocks.

More details, since revised to (7.1):

30 most recent NZ quakes:recent quakes
Seismic Drums:

We Had An Earthquake!




Since the devastating February 22 2011 earthquake in Christchurch which claimed lives, huge media focus has been on Christchurch. A national state of emergency was declared and remains in force. It reminds us of our vulnerability to the forces of nature and we take the steps we can to protect our families and strengthen our personal and business preparations for disaster. It is uplifting to see the great community support for the citizens of Christchurch and our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with those who tragically lost lives.

There is a hugely expensive rebuilt ahead for Christchurch ahead and we grieve the loss of iconic buildings and critical infrastructure. I look forward to visiting Christchurch and seeing the changes for myself at a future time. Kia Kaha Christchurch.

These additional resources are posted elsewhere on this blog but are as relevant as ever.






copy and paste above URL into address bar to view or highlight link, right click and select open link. (October 2011).

A place to remember and memorialise the quakes, their victims and the city's lost heritage and landmarks, one form of 'living memorial' (, which is designed to collect and preserve people's memories and other digital material relating to the earthquakes.

Christchurch Earthquakes/Canterbury Quakes


Digitised reports from selected volumes of the Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives. A to Js online

Digitised reports from selected volumes of the Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives. 

July 15, 2010

Getting Involved as a RWC Volunteer.

Rugby World Cup 2011

I learnt a little more about volunteering for the Rugby World Cup just lately after attending one of the road show presentations earlier this week.

The World Cup will run from the 9 Sept to the 23rd of October and twenty national rugby teams will be here in New Zealand in a variety of newly built or refurbished stadiums in several localities in New Zealand.

5000-7000 specially trained volunteers are needed. This is in addition to some 20,000 other jobs created by the rugby tournament.

At the road show I found out the following:

Volunteers commit to a minimum of 3 days/shifts of 6-8 hours in duration.
Volunteers must be at least 17 years of age.
Volunteers need to speak English
Volunteers need to Understand NZ and NZ culture
...Undergo a police check for some jobs
....Commit to a volunteer agreement and agree to terms and conditions.
....Qualities wanted include Committed, Passionate and Motivated; Proud and Positive; Hard working; Committed Team Member. Patience and Tolerance. Leadership. Manaakitanga (good hosts).
Fluency in other languages (for example in our region, French, Japanese and Canadian French/English were also skills advantageous for some RWC volunteer roles).

There are very few roles in the Stadium. No free tickets. Volunteers are unlikely to meet any rugby stars or see any games while volunteering.

Volunteers will get meals provided and a uniform that they can keep that will be issued in August 2011.

They will undergo some training beginning in May 2011 with some general training and orientation on-line.

Then in July/August there is job specific training in a classroom and venue specific training at the venues.

When applying on-line you are asked to pick three roles that interest you. You will then have a walk on, face to face, relaxed meeting/job interview to decide if the role you have been assigned fits you.(allow approx 10 minutes).

Some of the roles include: Festival hosts, Tourist Information Hosts, Transport Hub hosts, VIP Hosts, VIP administrators, Work force squads, Ceremony support, Spectator Services Squad, Drivers, Catering Standards Monitor, Attendance recorders, Media Assistants, Hotel Hosts, Airport Welcome Hosts...

So its very interesting to be informed and to volunteer if you are available for a minimum of 3 days during the 9th of September to the 23rd of October 2011 time frame.

Who Wants to be the Best Hosts in the World?

Rugby World Cup 2011

Individual tickets prices and dates for RWC 

*You can read the specifics for each role before choosing them on the website for signing up. There are some roles where volunteers are needed as early as Feb 2011. These may be in the bigger centres.

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I came, I saw, I conquered.

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