October 12, 2009

Concentration. book recommended, view in google books

The Power of Concentration

I have recently been recommended this book written in 1918 called The Power of Concentration. Instead of buying an ebook, I have searched google books for this text (the author is Theron Dumont) and there are 46 of the 188 pages of this book here as a tester. Enough to get the motivation...

I think this is a good idea to use google books for this purpose, because it is free. This is basically an old style (1918!) self help book. Seriously a get off your chair old time classic.

Of course not to worry about gender. I mean don't feel excluded but think of the circumstances surrounding this writer. Think she if you read he, and woman when you read man if you are not a man. The ‘he’ in this narrative should stand for ‘he’ and ‘she’:
Man/Woman in a broad inclusive 21st century sense. 1918 and such clear ideas post war! Theron Dumont also good for a wikipedia search, he wrote under 3 pseudonyms, his real name being William but his chosen name so French. He also wrote under an Asian name. Fascinating. :-)

Now I just did that wikipedia search on Theron Dumont. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theron_Q._Dumont.

Gosh sounds very different, certainly prolific, a great writer? well..could be dodgy, sounds a bit racy, has limitations, don't believe in crystals..not a hindu... yet Thermon Dumont's work about CONCENTRATION has impact, interesting insights and practical value.

Copy and paste to address bar to view.

http://books.google.co.nz/books?q=Theron+Dumont&btnG=Search+Books. The first 9 pages of the table of contents are in smaller print.

By following a link on the early wikipedia link above I also realise now that Project Gutenberg has a full copy of this text.

from here either download ( I prefer in uniform plain text...) or simply read online see link at top of page.

Reminds me a little of Paul Cezanne (1839-1906) Card Players Paintings. The Card Players

The Power of Concentration

October 06, 2009

Latest Statistics New Zealand Seminar

Download in Google documents this great presentation.

You will need to sign in to google docs with your google/gmail password then you can view whole presentation some 50 plus pages about using the Statistic New Zealand tools table builder and infoshare (Census and Key Statistics data). Specialised for Hastings.

Web stats Hastings


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