March 09, 2009

Deleting facebook posts

Deleting facebook posts

To delete a post on facebook just go to the EXTREME RIGHT CORNER of the post which you need to delete. You'll find a small pencil icon and an option to Edit. You can choose to delete any wall post by using that particular Edit option.



Deleting facebook posts

# With the new facebook layout the options to edit are reduced. To delete just go to the extreme right corner of the post and you'll find a small boxed x ( an icon that says 'delete' that is visible when you mouse over it). This will delete your post. The option to minimise the post or reduce it to one line has disappeared.
The new facebook layout is apparently modified to take in aspects of twitter and myspace. Will take some practise using the new formats.

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I have been reading this article about joining networks on facebook and what this does to your 'only friends' privacy settings. This is worth a read to understand how joining a network does affect your privacy. ==>


Also here is the link to Office of the Privacy Commissioner ==> for privacy related topics and ideas in New Zealand.

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