July 21, 2008

Mâori Language Week - Te Wiki o te Reo Mâori

This amazing exhibit, Raranga Atu Whakakitenga/Weave On Exhibition marks NZ Reo NZ Pride Maori Language Week and is now on at the Hastings Central Library until the 11th of August. This is a must see!! Absolutely fantastic work by all weavers involved. Such beautiful Taonga.

My homework vocabulary:


Iwi: Ngati Kahungunu
Ngati Pahauwera

Mâori Language Week - Te Wiki o te Reo Mâori
21-27 July 2008

Want to know the history of Mâori Language Week? Find out at www.nzhistory.net.nz/culture/maori-language-week

The future of the Mâori language was the subject of a claim before the Waitangi Tribunal in 1985. Find out how the resulting decision helped the resurgence of te reo Mâori from late last century: www.nzhistory.net.nz/node/2281

Now over 130,000 people of Mâori ethnicity speak and understand te reo Mâori. Read about the language’s decline and revival: www.nzhistory.net.nz/node/968

Learn 100 Mâori words every New Zealander should know, from greetings to place names. Read the word and its translation and hear to how it should be pronounced: www.nzhistory.net.nz/node/966

Once you've read all this, you'll be ready for the Mâori Language Week quiz!:

Hei konâ râ !
NZHistory.net.nz team

These updates are useful. I am archiving this here for myself and others who might be interested in these resources/taonga. Ka pai!

A te wa, Helena



July 18, 2008


World Youth Day is actually a week and involves the Pope's visit to Sydney.
Pilgrims/Tourists/Participants gather from all over the world. New Zealand is sending 4000 New Zealand youth.
My sister is attending this with her husband. Actually she was one of the 100 New Zealanders who attended in Italy three years ago in 2005. So I hope they and everyone attending have a great time. Preparation for the trip involved a lot of community work and fundraising so it is a great achievement to make this commitment.

Some online sites to visit include:

americancatholic.org (then click seasonal features, wyd)

So when I get some space I will check out these sites.


www.welcom.org.nz (nz catholic newspaper)

World Youth Day

July 11, 2008

Keyword search - new data released at google

Hey Helena,

Google has just done it!

They have revealed the somewhat
secret search volume numbers that
they've been withholding for so

Now you can see exactly how many
searches a keyword phrase gets
right ON Google.com

Go here now to see the thread and
let me know what you think about
this startling news:


I'll look forward to seeing your
comments on the blog... ;o)

Best for success,

Jim Morris, Founder
NicheBOTclassic.com -- "Finds exactly
what people search for."

Thankyou for this update Mr. Morris. Helena
Friends view this link here ==> https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal

More feedback:

Census Advisory update

An update to the latest Census Advisory newsletter is now available at:



1. Final days of 2011 Census content consultation

2. New Zealand: An Urban/Rural Profile Update

Find out about your local area at www.stats.govt.nz/QSAboutAPlace

July 08, 2008

Wages - median wages in New Zealand - this is due for update and release shortly. Below is last Junes summary.

"Earnings from wages and salaries" Last years figures from www.stats.govt.nz

Source: 'Profile of New Zealand 2008' this is found on the Main home page in the left column of home page, within this report there is a chapter on wages.

2007 (last year)

Average hourly earnings 21.41

Average weekly earnings 796.00

Median hourly earnings 18.00

Median weekly earnings 710.00

Embargoed until 10:45am – 4 October 2007

New Zealand Income Survey: June 2007 quarter – Media Release

Wages/salaries and investments drive increase in income

In the June 2007 quarter, the average weekly income for all people from all sources was $667, Statistics New Zealand said today. This information comes from the annual New Zealand Income Survey, which is run during the June quarter (April to June). The survey provides a snapshot of income statistics on people and households.

The $667 average weekly income (mentioned above) was an increase of 9.4 percent from the June 2006 quarter average of $610, and was the highest annual percentage increase since the June 2002 quarter. This change was mainly due to a rise in wages and salaries and investment income.

Increases in the number of wage and salary earners were similar for males and females, up 2.0 percent and 1.3 percent, respectively. For those receiving wage and salary income, the average weekly wage and salary income increased more for males (up 8.7 percent) than for females (up 6.0 percent). The larger increase for males was due to a combination of factors, including more males being represented at the higher wage and salary income levels, and more males in full-time employment.

Median (half receive more, and half receive less than this amount) hourly earnings for people receiving income from wages and salaries rose from the June 2006 quarter to the June 2007 quarter, up $1.00 to $18.00 (5.9 percent increase). Males increased by $0.97 to $19.10 per hour and females increased by $0.90 to $16.78 per hour. All industries and occupations experienced increases in both average (mean) and median hourly earnings compared to the same quarter of the previous year.

Over the year, average weekly investment income for those receiving investment income increased by 29.1 percent (to $137). Age groups with the highest average weekly investment income were the 60- to 64-year age group and the 55- to 59-year age group ($265 and $232, respectively). Both these age groups also received the highest average weekly investment income for all people.

Geoff Bascand
Government Statistician
4 October 2007.

More on salary rates ==>Update from Trademe jobs (please feel free to add comments for further sources):

Average salaries on the increase
Jul 25, 2008 11:28 AM

Average salaries in New Zealand have increased substantially, according to the analysis of 73,000 jobs listed on Trade Me Jobs in the first half of 2008.

"Since the last quarter of 2007, we have seen the average salary increase 3.7% from $55,583 to $57,664," said Trade Me Jobs head, Jimmy McGee.

"The labour market has definitely eased, with applications per job up 8% over that period . However, wage inflation was strong,'' he said.

IT continues to dominate the highest paid professions with IT architects, project managers and functional consultants, all averaging pay rates over $100,000.

"Outside of IT, the top five paid professions are doctors ($106,823), construction project managers ($95,378), engineering managers ($92,843), in-house legal counsel ($90,440) and financial controllers ($89,081)," McGee said.

Wellington remains the highest paid location, buoyed by the large number of public servants and service companies, followed by Auckland and new entrant New Plymouth. Regional and secondary urban areas such as Central Hawkes Bay and Timaru saw the greatest salary softening.

"We are seeing two distinct trends at present. Pay rates for unskilled and semi-skilled are flat, while pay rates for mid-level earners and the highly skilled are increasing at rates above the national average."

Unfortuneately this blogger, a Reference Librarian with six years experience and an honours degree plus all ongoing work based training receives less than the average wage for women. I received a small annual increase this month but the hourly rate still falls just below the average median wage for woman in 2007.

This has consistently been the case during my period of employment. It is unfortuneate that more employers are not guided by national statistical figures indicating average hourly pay rates. Particularly as a library is seen as a centre of education and advancement. I find this demotiviating. I do enjoy almost all aspects of my job but question how Council wage rates of this level are truely responsible. Particularly in a region where women fair worse in health statistics (such as breast cancer - Hawke's Bay is the worst region of all NZ health boards * I have read some excellent reports from skilled individuals working in this medical field here locally however) woman in a role such as mine should be getting a fairer deal. Valuing workers with fair pay should be a council priority as living costs increase. Imagine if I were to earn as much as the average males hourly rate - gosh - maybe then I would be getting a fairer deal. Is the alternative to change jobs? - but then council looses a valuable experienced educated worker. The pay scale needs updating and or my contract needs to be updated with a wage increase that reflects at least the average wage, but lets face it I am better educated that the average. Actually this is irritating as every 3 1/2 hour shift when the library opens on Sunday I earn $17.50 approx less than the average new zealand person earned for time per hour last year.

What actually can happen in a job that is well liked like mine is that people accept to little for too long because being in a Library is such a priviledge, dealing with people and literature of real value is a priviledge. However, I know this year when I needed to upgrade my pc I had real problems funding that. Imagine if over six years I had recouped that $17.50 dollars for every Sunday - I had worked and then had received the average national wage for as analysed by statistics New Zealand, why that would be the cost of a new lap top two times over. It might not be a laptop upgrade either maybe a dentist repair bill, an appliance repair bill, a rates bill, a new bike or the cost to sponsor a child in the developed world etc. Point is my labour should be rewarded, and my profession should not be undervalued. It 's important to think about why this is happening so I may talk to some more people about this. Of course there are other perks in a job that you need to weigh up in your overall satisfaction with employment conditions but I think that wage rates are important to get right and its true that if no one complains things stay static so I am doing some additional research of resources...


*Some sources I have found about low wages and support for workers include:

Brochures providing the following contacts:

Department of Labour: "For information on minimum employment rights or other employment relations issues visit www.dol.govt.nz or phone 0800 20 90 20(from the brouchure, 'Your minumum employment rights a guide for employees April 2007).

New Zealannd Council of Trade Unions Te Kauae Kaimahi: www.union.org.nz call O800 MY UNION 0800 698 646. See campaigns such as SuperSizeMyPay.com "to increase the minimum wage and end youth rates...to win decent pay increases for all workers and achieve a high wage economy.

The PSA(Public Service Association) www.psa.org.nz


Pay and Employment Equity (PaEE) from the brochure:

Why is PaEE important?

==> Woman earn 14% less than men.

==> The gap is widening.

==> This means a woman will lose about $400,000 over her working life.

==> Women's skills, resources and potential are limited by the narrow range of female-dominated occupations.

My brochure also outlined;

Key reasons for the pay gap

Government's Five Year Action Plan:

Unions and employers will jointly review pay and employment equity

Gender Neutral Job Evaluation (GNJE)

Does Your workplace have a Pay Equity Issue

Plus from Building Better Businesses :

How do you go about motivating staff? Are there any benefits in motivating? Can you name say four simple techniques to gain improved motivation?

Motivation can be improved by offering staff tangible benefits, for example:

Shares in the company
Bonuses for performance
Free education courses to improve qualifications
Extra leave for study purposes
Free holiday somewhere
Dinner for two
Unexpected Gift.

Decent pay increases for all workers needs to be a priority for Council so that we can better move toward the goal of a high wage economy, with the associated health benefits and lifestyle benefits this allows. This months July 2008 increases don't reach the median hourly rate of New Zealand woman in June 2007, this is of course less than the average hourly rate of New Zealand woman in June 2007, the average hourly rate of New Zealand men and the median hourly rate of New Zealand men in June 2007.


July 06, 2008

Six Years of Sundays.

Today I celebrated working for six years as the Reference Librarian at my Library.
I was first employed to staff the Sunday shift in Reference as a new graduate in 2002
I must say I am proud to reach another yearly anniversary. I do enjoy the variety that this job brings and will go out to drinks with other staff members after todays weekend session.
There is the problem that maybe I need to begin a new topic (not so much a work diary?). Or maybe the solution is a new interface? I would like to begin a wordpress blog and I would like to put it on its own domain name - I know where to find the tutorial to do all of this.

Another new interface which I notice many of friends using, is Facebook.(www.facebook.com)
This seems more popular with people I know, than MySpace or Bebo. (Myspace is very music orientated whilst Bebo is mainly for teens with a video focus and bad colours)
However, in terms of Privacy it can be too intrusive and the minute by minute commentary can become kind of banal plus take up too much time. Sometimes better than a phone book to find a person's email address however, or if you really want to know their birthday (but when you have too many friends there can be too many birthdays!)

I just read a comment from another facebooker that, 'there are a lot of people trying to build their friends list like trophy hunters'. His advise was 'don't just add names. Take the time to build some relationships'. This can be business, social or family relationships. It's up to you because you have control of your privacy settings which I recommend that you really do explore carefully first up. But really it is an amazing tool for networking and has been popular globally. There are groups that you can join for education or politics, for example. Its over to you how clean you keep your pages and to avoid clutter whilst engaging the people you write for.
I think the blog is still best for the shorter article posted online for multiple readers.

I came, I saw, I commented!

Veni, vidi, vici.

I came, I saw, I conquered.

Caesar, 47 B.C

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