April 30, 2008

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Human Rights Comission 2007 annual report: chapter on languages.

New Zealand Sign Lanugage in now one of New Zealand's Official three languages. In New Zealand over 27,000 people use New Zealand Sign Lanugage. It is the twelfth most frequently spoken language in New Zealand. NZ Sign Lanugage Week is in the first week of May 2008.

The chapter on languages in the Human Rights Commission's annual report was released on 21 February 2008 at Te Papa, Wellington by the Race Relations Commissioner Joris De Bres, to mark the UN International Year of Languages.
New Zealand Sign Language is recognised in the New Zealand Curriculum as one of the three official languages that may be studied as a first or additional language.

New Zealand Sign Language(NZSL) in the New Zealand Curriculum was launched in March 2007. This comprises guidelines for teachers to plan and implement relevant programmes. The NZSL Curriculum: - provides the basic information about the history of sign language and New Zealand Deaf culture.

The New Zealand Deaf Film Festival was also held in May 2007 in Auckland, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch and Dunedin. The festival promoted Deaf culture and language via the medium of short films.

For more information:


(Good to follow the above link to search tki for any other language resource also)

Phone Infoline 0800 496 877
TTY: 0800 150 111 (Tele type writer, you need a special keyboard attached to your phone; know at TTY Internationally.
Email: infoline@hrc.co.nz
(hrc = human rights commission)

If you would like to find out more about New Zealand Sign Language Teachers Association contact:

email: info@nzslta.org.nz

For online lessons, see: http://www.nzsign.co.nz

To download the Fingerspelling diagrams see:
Fingerspelling is a useful starting point as it is used to spell names and places and words for which there is no direct translation.
See also on this page how to introduce yourself; My name is ----. And how to say Thankyou.

I attended a one year course of this about 15 years ago as a student at night school, but I must confess I have not used it much since, however I always enjoy to revisit this skill. I still have a folder of handouts and handwritten notes taken. The Tutor was deaf and some in the class were deaf or had family members who were deaf. Both parents and children attended this night class.

Update: Found this contact info in a later library display in 2009.

Deaf Aotearoa New Zealand Tangata Turi.
2 White Street, Taradale Napier 4112 , New Zealand.

TTY 06 845 9007
Fax 06 8441208
Phone 06 845 9008.

Surprised about the fax- less than 20% use in NZ now.
I decided to stop paying the 2.50 per month for mine this month.


Need an Interpreter?
From the Office of Ethnic Affairs Te Tari Matawaka 0800 656 656
Language Line Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm

I need an interpreter

I speak ____________

Translation Service 04 4702920


April 24, 2008

Anzac Day Sources, comprehensive

Anzac Day Sources, comprehensive
Dear all, you are welcome to view this update from the NZHistory.net.nz newsletter, 24 April 2008 of which I am a subscriber.
ANZAC Day is this Friday (tomorrow). Schools here currently have a holiday for two weeks which is great. To see my post on this from this time in 2007 which reviews some additional great sources, search "anzac" in the search archives field at top right of blog. Kind regards, Helena

Military Mascots
New Zealanders have one of the highest pet ownership rates in the world.
Wartime was no different. Take a tour through this menagerie of military
mascots - dogs, cats, donkeys, monkeys, pigs, goats and birds. There's
the famous white bull terrier Major 'Major', along with the less
well-known - but very cute - slow lauris adopted by the 1RNZIR in
Borneo. See them all here:

Check out the range of Anzac Day material available through Ministry for
Culture and Heritage websites:

Anzac Day (www.nzhistory.net.nz/node/101).
History of the day and the Anzac tradition.

Gallipoli Campaign (www.nzhistory.net.nz/node/711).
Discover how British (including New Zealand) and French forces battled
the Ottoman Empire - modern Turkey - for control of the Gallipoli
peninsula for nine months in 1915.

Memorials Register (www.nzhistory.net.nz/node/3927).
Make a virtual visit to your local memorial through our register of over
450 memorials - tell us if you can't find it here.

Anzac Day in The Classroom (www.nzhistory.net.nz/node/4118).
Activities and a quiz to help with teaching students about Anzac Day and
the Gallipoli Campaign.

War and Society (www.nzhistory.net.nz/war-and-society).
A huge range of material about the experiences of New Zealand and New
Zealanders at war in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Anzac Day - A Guide for New Zealanders (www.anzac.govt.nz).
Information on the significance of Anzac Day, how we commemorate it
today and a virtual guide of the Gallipoli peninsula. It features a
searchable database of all New Zealanders who died at Gallipoli.

Anzac Day Events
Find out what is going on in your area on Anzac Day at NZLive.com:

In addition this page has been very well developed at the Hastings District Library ==>

Plus this is listed as a hot topic on the tki website.

We went to the service in HNth and were suitably impressed with the turnout. Nice to see families wearing the badges rewarded for service, the remaining soldiers. Speeches honouring the dead and those who continue to serve in the military, plus an equally if not stronger message of peace and non military response to problems which is only appropriate in my view.
Public Holiday in NZ and Australia.

Anzac Day Sources, comprehensive

April 14, 2008

Re: cluster map update!

All my dots are well and truely gone from the cluster map at right! Thanks so much to my avid readers in New Zealand the United States, UK, Australia and Canada (These were the areas showing where readers who read the blog most came from) as well as the the many other viewers from so many countries: Asia, Southeast Asia, South america, continental europe etc.
See Cluster Maps explaination below of their archiving policy. As I am on the free membership I have not saved a copy of my "big map" covered in the red dots but know that it did plot the travels of some friends of mine and it is always interesting to see a hit in a country where you know your friend is visiting!!

I see a note saying "This map was (or will be) archived", or I've noticed that my lovely dots are gone. What does this mean?
This notification (and the sudden disappearance of dots) means that a regular (normally yearly) archive has either just occurred or is imminent (for some users, this happens monthly or weekly, as explained below). Your old thumbnail maps (or bigger maps for ClustrMaps+ users) will remain available in a stored archive, which is accessible as follows: when you zoom in to the world map, you'll see (high up on the page) a line labelled:

Navigation: Map with smaller clustrs | Maps Archive | Notes | Full Map Key

The second link ('Maps Archive') will take you to the page where your previous thumbnail map is stored (ClustrMaps+ users have a large list of complete earlier maps, including all the zoomed-in maps). You can click on the dates shown or 'turn thumbnails... on' to see the earlier map....

If it helps to explain things to your own readers, you can always copy and paste the archive map referred to above (right-click and Save as... or right-click and View Image and note the URL and use that), and add that in to the appropriate page near your current active ClustrMaps thumbnail map with a suitable commentary (e.g. "Last year's totals:"). Note that for users of the free ClustrMaps service, only the thumbnail maps, i.e. NOT the large maps, are saved in the archive! This news does not do you much good after-the-fact, but we're trying to make it more obvious in advance in other places throughout the site, and as of October 2007 we have added advance warning emails to let you know when this is about to happen so you can save a snapshot of your older map.
Social Cognitive Theory Albert Bandura 1925 - present

3 types of Modelling

Direct Modelling

Simply attempting to imitate the models behaviour

Symbolic Modelling

Imitating behaviours displayed by characters in books, plays movies or television

Synthesized Modelling

Developing behaviours by combining parts of observed acts

Functions (effects) of Modelling

1) Learning new behaviours

2) Facilitating exhisting behaviours

3) Changing Inhibitions

4) Arousing Emotions

Effectiveness of Models

1) Similarities

2) Competence

3) Status

4 processes involved in Learning

1) Learning is a change in the mental processes that creates the capacity to demonstrate special behaviours.
1) Attention
2) Retention
3) Reproduction
4) Motivation

4 Aspects of self regulation

1) Setting your goal thats challenging and realistic
2) Monitoring Progress (keeping track) (chats journals)
3) Accessing Extent that goals are met (peer check, back of book)
4) Self Reinforcement. Good Feeling we get (Administering Self rewards/review) when goal is met.

April 08, 2008

Well I've just returned from attending the best wedding ever.

My sister N, and her new husband A, were married in Welly on the 4th of April.
I got to attend with lots of my other family and attending a church service in Lower Hutt and fantastic reception in the Brierley theatre, near the Basin Reserve.

The Speeches at the reception were excellent, three bridesmaids and bridegroom, parents of the bride and groom. Then Caeli dancing which was a success and had many people on the dance floor. Also attended a Hen's night/bridal shower and stag do, plus church ceremony practise. I was the first reader and my reading was beautiful. It was good to see so many people supporting N and A. Also the food, wine and music were just terrific really and there was good comedy. Everyone was dressed beautifully. A's mum wore a sari. Our mum wore her beautiful blue going to the races hat. The men were polished up and all in suits.

I'll post my photos in another forum for family to view. But really a spectacular weekend and all the preparations paid off. Thanks to all the friends and family who supported magnificently by being their in force and making this a very special wedding day. They met just under two years ago.
"A" was now the "The richest man in the world" said the best man! (after reading the fortune 100) in the plane on a trip from London!! My sister was a very beautiful, clever and kind bride and spoke exceptionally well also. They are honeymooning in the South Island which is a good idea I think because they have only a week off work (both have good full time work) and will enjoy some of the best scenery and a naturally beautiful playground just a short plane trip or ferry ride away. My sister is a Solicitor and her husband an Engineer.

On my return I find my pet cat had pulled through his surgery, which I booked him in for just before leaving, at a cost of $800. So I am pleased to have a live cat at the end of this unexpected but necessary and very expensive treatment.
He had an unidentified large insect stuck in his intestine, so forced starvation without intervention. He has regained some weight again now. He is aged about six, and I got him from the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) about four years ago.

Nine days later and he had been thankful for his nine cat lives. He's at home now on antibiotics with stitches to be removed soon. Doing a lot of sleeping. Also I expect now he will continue to live another six years. Fingers crossed.

I came, I saw, I commented!

Veni, vidi, vici.

I came, I saw, I conquered.

Caesar, 47 B.C

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