June 09, 2011

Statistics New Zealand update.

New revamped Statistics New Zealand homepage: http://www.stats.govt.nz/

Some key changes are:

Our latest releases are easier to find
Our search is now powered by Google
Our homepage is easier to navigate with coloured boxes clearly defining different areas

Time Use Survey 2009/10 results coming soon
On 21 June, the first results from the country's second Time Use Survey will be released. The first Time Use Survey was run in 1998/99.

The release will include a wealth of information, such as:

the amount of time people spend doing paid and
unpaid work
the amount of time people spend watching television
how much time people spend in the company of others.

Head to the Time Use Survey 2009/10 web page to find out more and read some interesting results from the last survey.

Next census to be held in March 2013
Statistics New Zealand has welcomed the Government's decision to hold the next census in March 2013 and has begun work on the project.

The 2011 Census was called off following the 22 February Christchurch earthquake. It could not have been successfully completed given the national state of emergency and the probable impact on census results.

The Government and Statistics NZ had considered holding the census in March 2012. However, the risk of a census not being able to be run properly in that short period of time was too high.

The exact census date is expected to be announced later this year, after Parliament approves legislation required to hold a census in 2013.

International guest nights down in South Island
Guest nights fell 5.4 percent in March 2011 compared with March 2010, the latest Accommodation Survey results show. The decrease was driven by a fall in international guest nights in the Canterbury region and throughout the South Island.

Due to the earthquakes in September 2010 and February 2011, less accommodation was available in Canterbury. Available capacity was down by half for hotels and by a third for backpacker accommodation, compared with March 2010.

All five South Island regions had fewer guest nights in March 2011 compared with March 2010 whereas the North Island recorded an overall increase in guest nights.

Trade surplus reaches new high

In April 2011, there was a trade surplus of $1.1 billion, or 24 percent of the value of exports. This is the highest monthly surplus ever recorded and the highest in almost 20 years as a percentage of exports.

The total value of goods exported in April 2011 rose $691 million (17 percent) from April 2010, to reach $4.7 billion – also a new high.

The total value of goods imported in April 2011 rose $238 million (7.2 percent) from April 2010, to $3.5 billion, led by increases in petroleum and products values.

The annual trade balance for the year ended April 2011 was a surplus of $1.2 billion (2.6 percent of exports). This is the largest surplus for a year ended April since 1994.

Go to the Overseas Merchandise Trade: April 2011 information release for the latest trade figures.

Estimates and projections added to Interactive Boundary Maps

You can now use Interactive Boundary Maps to view your neighbourhood's estimated and projected population.

Find out your area's estimated population for 2010 and projected population for 2031. Information is available for all area units, territorial authorities, and regions.

Interactive Boundary Maps is a free online tool that provides information such as number of people, median age, and median personal income, from the regional level right down to the street level.

The estimated and projected population figures are based on the 2006 Census of Population and Dwellings.

A unique look at NZ's economic progress

The 2011 Economic Development Indicators report provides a unique overview of how New Zealand's medium-term economic performance compares with other OECD countries.

Chapters include:

New Zealand's economic relationship with Australia and its states
Auckland – an internationally competitive city
Wellbeing and prosperity
The composition of the New Zealand economy.

The report is a joint publication between the Ministry of Economic Development, the Treasury, and Statistics NZ. Questions and requests for hard copies can be sent to info@med.govt.nz.

Profile of New Zealand in 2011 This takes a bit of time to download in pdf. There is a chapter in here on current average wage levels.



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