July 15, 2010

Getting Involved as a RWC Volunteer.

Rugby World Cup 2011

I learnt a little more about volunteering for the Rugby World Cup just lately after attending one of the road show presentations earlier this week.

The World Cup will run from the 9 Sept to the 23rd of October and twenty national rugby teams will be here in New Zealand in a variety of newly built or refurbished stadiums in several localities in New Zealand.

5000-7000 specially trained volunteers are needed. This is in addition to some 20,000 other jobs created by the rugby tournament.

At the road show I found out the following:

Volunteers commit to a minimum of 3 days/shifts of 6-8 hours in duration.
Volunteers must be at least 17 years of age.
Volunteers need to speak English
Volunteers need to Understand NZ and NZ culture
...Undergo a police check for some jobs
....Commit to a volunteer agreement and agree to terms and conditions.
....Qualities wanted include Committed, Passionate and Motivated; Proud and Positive; Hard working; Committed Team Member. Patience and Tolerance. Leadership. Manaakitanga (good hosts).
Fluency in other languages (for example in our region, French, Japanese and Canadian French/English were also skills advantageous for some RWC volunteer roles).

There are very few roles in the Stadium. No free tickets. Volunteers are unlikely to meet any rugby stars or see any games while volunteering.

Volunteers will get meals provided and a uniform that they can keep that will be issued in August 2011.

They will undergo some training beginning in May 2011 with some general training and orientation on-line.

Then in July/August there is job specific training in a classroom and venue specific training at the venues.

When applying on-line you are asked to pick three roles that interest you. You will then have a walk on, face to face, relaxed meeting/job interview to decide if the role you have been assigned fits you.(allow approx 10 minutes).

Some of the roles include: Festival hosts, Tourist Information Hosts, Transport Hub hosts, VIP Hosts, VIP administrators, Work force squads, Ceremony support, Spectator Services Squad, Drivers, Catering Standards Monitor, Attendance recorders, Media Assistants, Hotel Hosts, Airport Welcome Hosts...

So its very interesting to be informed and to volunteer if you are available for a minimum of 3 days during the 9th of September to the 23rd of October 2011 time frame.

Who Wants to be the Best Hosts in the World?


Rugby World Cup 2011

Individual tickets prices and dates for RWC 

*You can read the specifics for each role before choosing them on the website for signing up. There are some roles where volunteers are needed as early as Feb 2011. These may be in the bigger centres.


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