January 19, 2010

Topic from a friend - DEGROWTH

Decroissance - Degrowth

Degrowth carries the idea of a voluntary reduction of the size of the economic system, which implies a reduction of the GDP. However degrowth is not simply about challenging the centrality of GDP as the overarching policy objective but proposes a framework for transformation to a lower and sustainable level and mode of production and consumption. Degrowth is about finding a path or a transition to social justice, well being and ecological sustainability. It involves a range of actions at the individual and collective level based on a change of values and democratization of societies. Degrowth is about people rather than technology deciding on the direction of societal evolution. It is also about giving meaning to human life which is not per se associated with conspicuous consumption and materialism.

This is interesting although I am committed to personal growth and to economic growth as well as ecological sustainability, well being and social justice. Of course there is this conflict in many areas of governance of natures resources. In the instance of the overfishing by industry below you can see where this philosophy is a helpful addition to a framework for thinking and strategy for acting. Good to have the debate.

Decroissance - Degrowth

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