September 01, 2009

Update: As of 6 September my blog is now marked free of the Malware by google. I'm so pleased. The changes I made, plus summitting for the review and it appears the problem is solved. Great work everybody :-).

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I've noticed that google have marked my blog as having malware on a google search. I'm not sure which widgets I need to remove, but am working on this problem.
I am working to see what I need to remove to keep my blog free of malware.

I'm using this resource

So far I have removed the and also removed my nav bar as I found an i-frame in it. (Searched iframes have width="0" Height="0" in HTML souce code).

Good news is my site "did not appear to function as an intermediary for the infection of any sites" and "No this site has not hosted malicias software over the past 90 days".
How did this happen? "In some cases, third parties can add malicious (or suspicious) code to legitimate sites which would cause us to show the warning message". Now to inform blogger, clean up any remaining probs, get advise to keep things secure and to apply for a review from the google team.

My apologies.


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