November 27, 2008

National library update

Recommended websites from National Library seminar.

o Digital New Zealand

o Directory of New Zealand Libraries

o Publications New Zealand

o Index New Zealand

tip - Try searching for eg. "colin McCahon" + " http" to get resources with urls to follow up - good for students who visit at last minute and can access recommended website from home.




o Transactions and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New Zealand

(Link to the New Donald McLean archive - great example of use of metadata from
various repositories)

Of special interest to me because I saw the gifting of treasures trunks of McLean records and memorabilia (photos, letters, check books) to the Napier Museum in 2004 thanks to Mr. A Scarfe who completed his masters thesis about McLean and Maraekakaho. He is now close to completed a book. I studied with Mr Scarfe at Massey from 2000-2003, attending extramural block courses in Albany and Palmerston North so am interested to read more about the primary sources now available widely thanks to the collaboration of many people. Great maps, photos, full text letters from 19th century in the national library manuscripts-pictorial-website.

o See also (Home page)

o And try search for National Union Catalogue from here.

o Google Books

o World Cat

Introduced to new accronymn ==> GLAM: Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums!

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