July 06, 2008

Six Years of Sundays.

Today I celebrated working for six years as the Reference Librarian at my Library.
I was first employed to staff the Sunday shift in Reference as a new graduate in 2002
I must say I am proud to reach another yearly anniversary. I do enjoy the variety that this job brings and will go out to drinks with other staff members after todays weekend session.
There is the problem that maybe I need to begin a new topic (not so much a work diary?). Or maybe the solution is a new interface? I would like to begin a wordpress blog and I would like to put it on its own domain name - I know where to find the tutorial to do all of this.

Another new interface which I notice many of friends using, is Facebook.(www.facebook.com)
This seems more popular with people I know, than MySpace or Bebo. (Myspace is very music orientated whilst Bebo is mainly for teens with a video focus and bad colours)
However, in terms of Privacy it can be too intrusive and the minute by minute commentary can become kind of banal plus take up too much time. Sometimes better than a phone book to find a person's email address however, or if you really want to know their birthday (but when you have too many friends there can be too many birthdays!)

I just read a comment from another facebooker that, 'there are a lot of people trying to build their friends list like trophy hunters'. His advise was 'don't just add names. Take the time to build some relationships'. This can be business, social or family relationships. It's up to you because you have control of your privacy settings which I recommend that you really do explore carefully first up. But really it is an amazing tool for networking and has been popular globally. There are groups that you can join for education or politics, for example. Its over to you how clean you keep your pages and to avoid clutter whilst engaging the people you write for.
I think the blog is still best for the shorter article posted online for multiple readers.


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