April 08, 2008

Well I've just returned from attending the best wedding ever.

My sister N, and her new husband A, were married in Welly on the 4th of April.
I got to attend with lots of my other family and attending a church service in Lower Hutt and fantastic reception in the Brierley theatre, near the Basin Reserve.

The Speeches at the reception were excellent, three bridesmaids and bridegroom, parents of the bride and groom. Then Caeli dancing which was a success and had many people on the dance floor. Also attended a Hen's night/bridal shower and stag do, plus church ceremony practise. I was the first reader and my reading was beautiful. It was good to see so many people supporting N and A. Also the food, wine and music were just terrific really and there was good comedy. Everyone was dressed beautifully. A's mum wore a sari. Our mum wore her beautiful blue going to the races hat. The men were polished up and all in suits.

I'll post my photos in another forum for family to view. But really a spectacular weekend and all the preparations paid off. Thanks to all the friends and family who supported magnificently by being their in force and making this a very special wedding day. They met just under two years ago.
"A" was now the "The richest man in the world" said the best man! (after reading the fortune 100) in the plane on a trip from London!! My sister was a very beautiful, clever and kind bride and spoke exceptionally well also. They are honeymooning in the South Island which is a good idea I think because they have only a week off work (both have good full time work) and will enjoy some of the best scenery and a naturally beautiful playground just a short plane trip or ferry ride away. My sister is a Solicitor and her husband an Engineer.

On my return I find my pet cat had pulled through his surgery, which I booked him in for just before leaving, at a cost of $800. So I am pleased to have a live cat at the end of this unexpected but necessary and very expensive treatment.
He had an unidentified large insect stuck in his intestine, so forced starvation without intervention. He has regained some weight again now. He is aged about six, and I got him from the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) about four years ago.

Nine days later and he had been thankful for his nine cat lives. He's at home now on antibiotics with stitches to be removed soon. Doing a lot of sleeping. Also I expect now he will continue to live another six years. Fingers crossed.


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