April 14, 2008

Social Cognitive Theory Albert Bandura 1925 - present

3 types of Modelling

Direct Modelling

Simply attempting to imitate the models behaviour

Symbolic Modelling

Imitating behaviours displayed by characters in books, plays movies or television

Synthesized Modelling

Developing behaviours by combining parts of observed acts

Functions (effects) of Modelling

1) Learning new behaviours

2) Facilitating exhisting behaviours

3) Changing Inhibitions

4) Arousing Emotions

Effectiveness of Models

1) Similarities

2) Competence

3) Status

4 processes involved in Learning

1) Learning is a change in the mental processes that creates the capacity to demonstrate special behaviours.
1) Attention
2) Retention
3) Reproduction
4) Motivation

4 Aspects of self regulation

1) Setting your goal thats challenging and realistic
2) Monitoring Progress (keeping track) (chats journals)
3) Accessing Extent that goals are met (peer check, back of book)
4) Self Reinforcement. Good Feeling we get (Administering Self rewards/review) when goal is met.

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