March 30, 2008

Interesting sources regarding self help and motivation.
I was asked who the author of the seven habbits of highly effective people was at the beginning of the month. That's Steven Covey! I knew, I think I have a good general knowledge when it comes to books and authors really. This book isn't actually on my shelf at home but sure I have read it, and from time to time I shelve it at the library.
Looking at my book shelves I've read a few, however I don't necessarily reread them and find biographies and great fiction can often provide the desired increase in vocabulary or language acquistion to keep with it and current (Both entertained and informed of life and news and all that is bizarre in it).

I am currently enjoying this blog from my e - coach Mike Litman. He is a modern day writer on motivation, business growth and self development.

Previously I have read the Road Less Travelled and Beyond by M Scott Peck which I did like. Steven Coveys has a recent book out called "The Speed of Trust, the one thing that changes everything". One of his older ones was The Power Principle: Influence with Honour ( about "heart-centered visionary leadership). He has written at least 10 top sellers.

Self help books do sell in volume and some great writers have made their name well known this way and provided good instruction.

Some of my favourite examples of truely great writers came from an honours history course I did on historiography. I particularly liked the Annales school historians. Also the Feminist Historians. This writing and reading was such a step up from my current self styled reading programme but I can revisit the readings if I wish anytime. With blog writing I am looking mainly for a paragraph, I don't know if its worth while to write about such mundane stuff but then its sharing something and writing something. so...

Best, Helena

Defn: Bizarre: adj. strange in appearance or effect; eccentric; grotesque. bizzarely adv. bizzarreness n. [French, = handsome, brave, via Spanish & Portuguese
bizzaro from Basque bizarra 'beard']

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