March 17, 2008

Hi all,

This morning I am at home catching up with some things. At 11 I am heading over to EIT to help a friend with a international food exhibit a spin off of the International Food Day held at Cornwall Park last weekend. Hers is a Czech/German food stall but the weekend event was incredibly diverse with Chinese friendship society, Maori foods, such as battered mussels, smoked fish, plus sweetcorn, apples, Indian specialities, Samoan dancing etc. It's also Saint Patricks Day today and incidentally the United Nations' International Year of the Potato.
I thought it may have been a good idea to contribute with seed Potatoes but to be honest I would have to be quick to the garden store to get some before I meet with my friend with the stall this morning.

Coming up next Wednesday 26 March is the third of the Landmarks Public Forum Debates for 2008 at the Shakespeare Room in the Hawke's Bay Opera Precinct.
The themes were Gardens, Trees and the final One I'm attending History.
Time Wed 26 March 5.15-7.00 pm.
The Community are invited to participate in...discussion forums. No booking required, just turn up. We need your voice.

How can we increase awareness and protection of our rich history?

How can we celebrate it in innovative ways?

How can we form linkages with these celebrations and compatible events?

" Our local heritage buildings are being sympathetically repainted and appreciated. Interest in their history; our earthquake experiences - a wish to exhibit our peoples' artifacts successfully and celebrating our close rural ties are worthy of debate".

It not always you have time to attend these types of events, but certainly the refurbished Opera House is a great venue and I'm sure the evening will be well worth the effort to attend and learn from.

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