January 16, 2008

Google Videos

Google vids is really comparible with the u-tube videos I have previously posted to this weblog and because I have not searched them until today I was pleased to find this video in my first keyword search of "teaching history" + "new zealand".
Its basically a talk given about an Antartica visit to search for Meterorites and really this PHD grad of astro physics speaks so well. So I will be using this service again to search and learn visually.
The link to google to post your vids is:


From here you sign in using a google or gmail account and upload your video to google in one of two ways...

1. Web-Based Uploader
Use for files smaller than 100 MB
Upload using a web-based form
Instantly view your video online

2. Desktop Uploader
Use for files larger than 100 MB
Upload using the Google Video Uploader
Upload multiple files at once....

I'll just stop there and show the video I watched and liked.
Best wishes, Heli

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