December 10, 2007

Music Selections, Christmas 2007

One Chance - Puccini, etc / Paul Potts

One Chance - Puccini, etc / Paul Potts

Interesting Feedback on the blog... this thinking reader writes;:
"I have heard that writers have a deep desire to write and can’t not. So I understand your posting various material on your blog. It struck me that a blog is like an advertisement. Except that we are used to people marketing a service, so we might sell our ability to do research. A blog seems like it is more than the selling of a service but also the marketing of oneself. Posting interests, abilities, movies seen, books read, knowledge gleaned, background, as well a profession. It is different – you know."

Thankyou! I agree, the blog allows you to document and share ideas. I've heard some describe it as scrapbooking! But it does develop your IT skills and anything that you do write that is of interest (such as my health and safety/first aid training, or ezine scripts or explanations, of RSS, wikis, google reader and also the nice photos) can be easily shared with others. I can also change the level of my privacy down the track and restrict readers if I choose by changing my settings. I am trying to avoid becoming one big advertisement whilst promoting the occassional affliate product. But I think the nature of short blog posts does allow for a diverse and different range of non demanding yet personalised writing. So it should be a showcase of whats going on somewhere at sometime. But it doesn't have to be a life monument or to encapsulate more than the 10 minutes or so you've devoted to the blog. It should assist with your ability to do research and assist with the marketing of yourself that is true.

With you.


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