October 10, 2007

Personal Privacy

Personal Privacy

Ten tips on Personal Privacy

1) Think before you give out personal information, and ask what it will be used for.

2) You can ask to see any personal information held about you. If it's wrong you can
ask for it to be corrected.

3) Don't like people trying to sell you things by mail or over the phone? Contact the
Marketing Association (0800 222 332) to ask about its Name Removal Service.

4) Help keep your kids safe online by encouraging them to talk to you about what
they're doing.

5) Protect yourself from identity theft by ripping up your personal letters and
bills, and putting bits in different rubbish bins. Even better - use a shredder.

6) Limit your risk when buying online. Have a seperate, low - limit credit card.

7) Posting personal information on the internet? Use a nickname if you can.

8) Check security procedures in internet cafes and make sure you log out before you

9) Get a free copy of your credit record once a year to check that nobody is applying
for credit in your name. Visit www.mycreditfile.co.nz or www.dnb.co.nz for

10)Make sure you've got up-to-date software on your computer, especially if you're
doing banking online.

Personal Privacy

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