August 17, 2007

Video: RSS in Plain English

RSS demonstration video, how to subscribe, google reader recommended

I hope you benefit from learning about RSS from this U-tube video. I have feed buttons at the right of my blog. Please sign up for the feed when you sign up for google reader if you wish.

Now with the benefit of practise, I was able to sign up to my blog quickly and easily through google reader (, click on subcribe icon at the left and then type in either my exact url: and then ok/enter or type in keywords, "Helena's blog" and then you get a range of blogs; identify mine hit ok/enter and you've subscribed. I then searched for a few of my favourites. Great exercise, I recommend you try google reader to get the benefit of understanding how you can use and utilise feeds. It has some benefits in further customising your google home page, (Google reader remains customised on your google home page) and it allows you to know when your favourite blog/s and news sites are updated. Anything that allows you to sift, customise limit or expand - to basically control your online reading is welcome in an environment of text saturation. The help page and FAQ page on the google reader site is easy to follow and worth a quick look.

Regards, Heli

RSS demonstration video, how to subscribe, google reader recommended

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