August 27, 2007

New Zealand Writer's Handbook

New Zealand Writer's Handbook

New Zealand Writer's Handbook

Dear All,

This is a book I have recently purchased. It is described at "an indispensable guide to getting published in New Zealand" and is great value with chapters covering:
Getting Started
Research in New Zealand
Photography and Illustrations
Writing for a Market
Writing for Children
Writing for an Overseas Market
New Zealand Copyright and Defamation
New Zealand Taxation
Publish Yourself
Metropolitan and Daily Newspapers
Other Newspapers
Magazines and Periodicals
Book Publishers
Awards, Competitions and Financial Assistance
Courses for New Zealand Writers
Common Style Problems
Marking Up.

Great Value. This link links in to a New Zealand based
company which pays a small affliate fee per referral. (Our Amazon!)The prices are competitive (with the addition option to purchase a book second hand for less if necessary).
This is one book I do
believe is a great all round handbook for writers with the up to date and revelant contacts needed to get ahead and publish your writing. Also when you have clicked on the image of the book you have the possibility to purchase online any other book from this reputable firm with New Zealand and Australian content as well as general international fiction and non-fiction, DVDs New York Bestsellers etc. For eg. At the right of the Home Page you can browse the following categories...

Top 10 Authors

Fishpond Picks 2007

NZ Bestsellers

NZ Post Finalists

Hot Book Pre-orders

Preschool Classics

Matariki (Maori New Year)...



New Zealand Writer's Handbook

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