March 27, 2007

Re: Libraries with Blogs

In December 2006 I read and printed off this information about a recently finished research project entiled, " Here a blog, there a blog, what about the library blog?" -available through VUW)

I am summarising the information and providing links below, again this helps me absorb the information, communicate it wider and links my blog in within a wider blogger context...

"For my research project, I investigated libraries that used blogs to communicate externally with their users, so did not include and libraries using blogs for internal communication....

A great starting point for identifying blogging libraries is:

The Blogging Libraries Wiki -

This wiki is comprehensive and was the starting point for finding library blogs for my research. It separates the library blogs by library types (Academic, Public, School. Special), and includes sections on Library Associateion blogs, Internal Library blogs, and Library Director blogs. Although it predominately lists blogs published in English, there are non-English blogs starting to be added.

If you are interested in a well-established, integrated system of blogs used by a public library - check out Ann Arbor District Library

If you are interested in a well-established, integrated system of blogs used by an academic library - check out Georgia State University

As for NZ libraries using blogs, at the time of my research (mid-2006), I found blogs used by Wellington City Libraries, UNITEC Library, Massey University Library - Maori Services, Palmerston North Boys High School Library, and Whitireia Polytechnic Library, but I understand that University of Canterbury is also possibly using blogs now.

I would recommend reading Laurel Clydes book /Weblogs and Libraries/.
She provides a good outline of things to consider when implementing blogs in libraries. Also, /Uses of Blogs/ (ed. Axel Bruns & Joanne jacobs) is another worthwhile read, with a good overview of the use of blogs in a discussions about the use of blogs in academic institutions)."

I found this an excellent article and resource, although my blog is much more a personal photo archive and communication tool, is is part of "The Bigger Picture" with regards blogging. Under my resources/links you can see my other influences in ICT and education. And in my older posts which you are welcome to browse.



My Local Library Picks:
The Rough Guide to Blogging - Jonathan Yang "Navigate the Blogosphere"

Teach Yourself Blogging - Nat Mcbride and Jamie Cason.
Goal IT proficiency category computing
*learn how to write your own on line diary
* get up to date information on new technology
* build a blog for pleasure or profit.

Re: Libraries with Blogs

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