February 06, 2007

The Weta

Hey all,

Been a while since I properly posted. Today being Waitangi Day I went to the Clive River celebrations and rode in the Waka with Sam and this was such a highlight for me. This was an excellent celebration at Clive for Waitangi Day. Ka Pai! Thankyou for the experience. I didn't count how many people were rowing with me but about sixty I think. Also the Food was excellent and the live performances (singing/dancing, Poi/waiata and everything modern) exhuberent and interesting.
Purchased Barry Crump's 'Hang on a Minute Mate' and also Murray Ball's 'Footrot Flats'. Wore Paua and a Sunhat.

No pun intended with the "spider" or New Zealand Weta! (This Icon is my profile image now with Blog Log (great software!).

Best, Kia ora. A Te Wa


waiata definition: genealogy song, structured in call and response form; oral history

waka definition: canoe, car, vechicle - mode of transportation; also refers to genealogy, coming from what Waka?

Kiaora tautoe katou
Kor te Mata taku mounga
Kor Tukituki taku awa
Kor Aotearoa taku iwi
Kor Heretaunga taku hapu
Kei te pirangi ahau ki te kaiako
Ko ..... taku matua
Ko ..... taku whaea
Ko HELENA taku ingoa
Ko waka rere rangi taku waka
Tena koutou tena koutou, tena koutoa katoa

Thanking and Complimenting a Speaker.

Kia ora________ mo to mihi.
Thankyou_________for your speech. ( note* mo and to should have a straight line across the top not quite a grave or acute ==> not sure of the shortcut with the alt codes.)

Ka pai mo to mihi___________.
Your speech was good_________.

Research: New Zealand - Maori Vocabulary

1) What is the meaning of the word 'Aotearoa'?

2) What is the Maori word for
* North Island?
* South Island?
* Stewart Island?

3)What is the longest place name in New Zealand and in the world (Hint:
near Porangahau)?

4)What does the name mean?

5) What is the Maori name for Mount Cook?

6)What do these Maori greetings mean:

tena koe___________ kia ora_________________
tena korua_____________ haere mai_______________
tena koutou____________ haere ra________________
tena koutou tamariki ma_________________ e noho ra_________________

7) What does 'Kia ora koutou katoa' mean?_______________________

8) What are the Maori numerals for:

one?_______________ six?_________
two?_______________ seven?________
three?_____________ eight?________
four?______________ nine?_________
five?______________ ten?__________

9) What are the Maori names for the days of the week?
Monday?_____________ Friday?______________
Tuesday?____________ Saturday?____________
Wednesday?__________ Sunday?______________

10) What are the Maori names for the months of the year?

January?_____________ July?_________________
February?____________ August?_______________
March?_______________ September?____________
April?_______________ October?______________
May?_________________ November?_____________
June?________________ December?_____________

11) What do these commands mean?

Tuituri?__________ Ae?________________
Whakaronga________ Kao?________________
Korero mai________ E noho?_____________



Nga iwi e
Nga iwi e
Kia kotahi ra
Te Moana Nui a Kiwa

Kia mau ra
Kia maura
Ki te mana motuhake
Me te aroha


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