February 11, 2007

Google Translation

Google Translation

This is a great feature when searching blogs written in a different language, just
right click your mouse on the option "translate page into English".

Frequently Asked Questions
What is "automatic translation"?
What does it mean when I see "Translate this page" next to a search result?
What languages can be translated?

It's translation that's produced automatically by state-of-the-art technology without the intervention of human translators.

What does it mean when I see "Translate this page" next to a search result?

This means you can translate the page into your search language. For example, if you do a search in your language and see a result in another language with a "Translate this page" link next to it, you can click on the link and translate that page into your language. You can return to the original version of the page by clicking on the "view original web page" link in the top frame of the translated page, or by going back to the Google results page and clicking on the large blue text link at the top of your selected result.

What languages can be translated?

Currently, Google offers the following translation pairs: English to and from Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese; and German to and from French.

Google Translation

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