February 11, 2007

An Example of a Translated Blog - French to English

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You have the word!
I realize that hundreds of people pass on my blog (and blogs in general) without they being never known. Mybloglog made it possible to see certain faces but there are all the others too.

But more than of the faces, I will like to know some a little more about you. It is so much enriching to exchange, to share knowledge, ideas, on subjects: Internet, Business, Concept, Gastronomy, Others…

The ideas often come while listening to the others, I learned that!

One can even meet, at the time of a lunch one midday, around a pot one evening, to two, several. Nothing of defined, just a desire for exchanging, for reflecting, for learning, why not help if I can.

With you!

Sebastien R. - Blog Marketing ....

Written by: ASF | on November 6, 2006 with 11:57

Studying in 3è Cycle MCI (Marketing Trades on Internet) and bloggor on the topicality Web and Web-marketing.

Written by: Clement | on November 17, 2006 with 01:07

I blog for:

- to discover the blogosphère: tools, community, exchanges,…
- to divide the posts
- to bring my opinion, my experiments which can be enriching.
- to bring contents. It is not enough to be spectator, but it is also necessary to be an actor. Today everyone must give of him even on the Net, via an opinion a comment.

In 1999, I opened Web sites statics (HTML) which had had success. Today it is different, the sites are dynamic, which makes it possible to the beginners to write newspapers (blogs) of good quality. What also facilitates, the exchanges, the divisions, the communication.

Referencing is more façile that in 2000. Today everyone with the chance to be made its own assistantship.

Written by: John | on November 30, 2006 with 11:42

I am responsible - great word for a blog on the Voyages: a window open on the World of the Voyage.
Currently in full vocational resettlement, I write a ticket besides on this subject Saturday Dec 16
I discover in the blogosphère of the values and the bonds as in Coaching:
opening, inclusion, respect and division.


Heli's Comment : Wow this interested me I liked the catorisation(tools/caterogies) on this post, the defining of attitude and the potential I saw and the translation was pretty readable right!!

Heli's recommended link to French Newspapers:http://www.onlinenewspapers.com/france.htm

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