January 18, 2007

Wine Industry Statistics
Years ending 30 June

Number of Wineries 516
Producing area (hectares) 20,002
Average Yield (tonnes per hectare) 6.9
Crushed (tonnes)142,000
Total Production (million litres) 102
Domestic Sales (million litres)
Consumption per capta (litres NZ wine)
Stock: sales ratio
Export Volume (million litres)
Export Value ($ million)

Grape Growing and Wine Production:

The area planted in producing grapevines increased from
10,197 hectares in 2000 to 20,002 hectares in 2005. Marlborough
(9,944 hectares), Hawke's Bay produced 142,000 tonnes of grapes. Sauvignon blanc
(63,297), chardonnay (29,741 tonnes)and pinot noir (14, 578 tonnes) were the most popular grapes. Exports of wine increased from 19.2 million litres (worth $169 million) in 2000 to 51.4 million litres (worth $435 million) in 2005. The United Kingdom, which imported 21.1 million litres of wine in the year ending 30 June 2005, was New Zealand's major export market. The United States, which imported 13.0 million litres, was the second-largest export market, with Australia in third position, with 9.8 million litres. The number of wineries in New Zealand increased from 204 in 1995 to 516 in 2005.
The New Zealand Winegrowers' website is www.nzwine.com

Current projections forecast exports to the value of $1 billion dollars and domestic sales of $0.5 billion by 2010. These Projections are are expected to fuel continued expansion of the national vineyard. Producing vineyards are forecast to increase at around 2,000 hectares a year, meaning they could reach 30,000 hectares by 2010.
Having a clear vision of the future means the New Zealand wine industry needs to acknowledge challenges as well as opportunities. More wineries is a positive sign, but it also means more competition for access to distribution channels. New Zealand's coller climate makes ites grapes and wines specialised, but equally leaves the industry more susceptable to the vicissitudes of climate.

Currency fluctuations, increased taxes and compliance costs, trade barriers and labour shortages are all challenges that have to be recognised and managed.
Source: New Zealand Wine growers.

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