January 29, 2007

Will Social Networking Get You a Job?

Will Social Networking Get You a Job?

Networking is one of the best strategies for finding a new or better job. Right? Right. And, social networking clearly involves networking. Right? Right. So, social networking is the new and improved way to land the job of your dreams. Right? Wrong.

It's hard to miss the buzz about social networking. The media has been all agog over the rapid rise of such sites as MySpace. They attract millions of visitors every month, providing lots of opportunity for individual interaction and relationship building. While this activity is indeed networking, the most important aspect of its description is the adjective that defines it -- social. That may be a ton of fun, but it's unlikely to get you hired.

In the past, I've used the term "e-networking" to describe electronic or online networking. But with the rise of the social networking, I've redefined it as "employment networking." E-networking -- employment networking -- is unlike its very social cousin in three important ways:
It has a different purpo

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