January 18, 2007

ezine formating - ideas

Assignment for Jeff,
Assignment One

Writing an email (one)

Hey ~~FNAME~~

Congratulations for signing up for the Southern Hemisphere Wine and Travel newsletter.

I am really excited to help you stay informed, to help you develop contacts, and to help you make sound travel choices for 2006 and 2007!

Now over the coming weeks and months I'll be sending you your Southern Hemisphere Wine and Travel newsletter

Keep your eyes peeled for the next exciting issue of your newsletter

With the Wine and Travel focused newsletter you will learn

_ About different wine regions, wineries and special wines – with a New Zealand focus. It is a magical place to come for tourism, particularly if you come in the right season

_Tips and a list of online contacts for purchasing quality wine in the profiled regions

_Information about acommodation options in New Zealand and other travel destinations profiled.

Notification about travel specials and an introduction to basic vistior information practicalities, ie currency, entry requirements, banking, driving etc.

To Your Success and best experience

We are looking forward to helping you benefit from our knowledge and networking.

Kia ora, go well


WITHNAIL – Balls. We want the finest wines available to humanity. And we want them here. And we want them now.

HENRY ARTHUR JONES - Wine is the nurse of all creative imaginative literature.

HANNAH GLASSE – First, catch your hare...

Writing First EZINE

Hey ~~FNAME~~

Its important to feel like you matter when visiting a different locality in an online dimention, wether via the acclaimed mapping programme of google earth, through a instant messaging or chat communication or via the concise summary and introductory work, links and resources that an ezine resource can provide.

This ezine is about wine and so much more!

It's also about profiling a locality, climate, way of life and it serves as an introduction to a diverse and multicultural economy with over a thousand years of human settlement and one hundred and fifty-five years of established wine making history. You will be spoilt for choice for our wine is exceptional, notably Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon dominant wines and classic red blends, as well as outstanding Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

You will learn more about wine and the traditon of taste with the assurance of sound practical advise and personal followup given for your impending purchase or travel experience.

Second Ezine

Dear ~~FNAME~~

In this issue you will learn about the varietal characteristics of ten key New Zealand wines. Variety is the spice! Each winemaking region has its own varietal characteristics. This is what makes each area and sub-region unique, reflecting the various soil types, climate and geography of that region. Here is an indication of what you can expect when tasting some New Zealand wines

Cabernet Sauvignon . Luscious ripe berryfruit flavours with structure and elegance in the wine

Merlot. Ripe blackberry and plum flavours with richness and warmth

Syrah. With delicious savoury, blackcurrant and spice flavours, this variety is proving itself well suited to the new wine country

Pinot Noir. A new variety to the region, true berry and game characteristics

Chardonnay. Rich and ripe fruit freshness with melon, pear and stone fruit flavours

Sauvignon Blanc. A Subtle style of Sauvignon Blanc with juicy tropical fruit flavours

Gewurztraminer. Fruit driven spicy flavours with rose petal aromas

Riesling. Enjoying new popularity as a delicate and dry wine with vibrant citrus fruit flavours

Pinot Gris. Dry style of wine with fresh fruit flavours

Sangiovose. New to this locality- still an experimental variety in New Zealand

I'd suggest you look into purchasing and tasting some of these incredable award winning New Zealand wines. If you are interested in investing in wine stocks then you need to know what the right time to buy is. Stay tuned!

I've been enjoying living in a wine locality for years and highly recomment the quality, purity and varity of the above varietals.

To learn more about the wine lingo of ..... You can visit.... link (needs work Jeff!

If your a white wine enthusiast check out this area :

If your a red wine enthusiast check out this area:

Third Ezine

Hi ~~FNAME~~

In this issue you are going to learn an amazing secret

Let me say that again

Southern Hemisphere wines are internationally renowned as world class fine wines and to taste them is easy and well worth a try.

Repeat web links and contacts for purchase” given in second ezine.

Is there a best time to buy? Talk about the seasonal nature specific to NZ here. Talk about wine stocking (needs some stats info to encourage bulk purchase here)....

But to travel and visit brings so many extra interactive dimensions to your enjoyment character and flavour of your travelling experience.

Some practical matters of note when visiting New Zealand

Entry requirements
Time Zone
Duty free shopping
Health and Safety
Trading and Banks


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