November 19, 2006

Well! at my place it has been a novel and exciting week of reminiscence and outdoor action. I attended a great school camp as a parent in the greater Hawke's Bay at camp Tutira with a family member and thouroughly enjoyed the outdoor pursuits; namely a mud walk, uphill through fern strewn forest, climbing across fallen logs and using ropes to climb small rocky precipices with a great team of students and educators. Sampled and helped prepare the camp food, camp night entertainment, helped out with the camp cleaning and then walked some more great outdoor tracks. Great environmental and natural heritage education. Arrived on the final night only so was a bit spoilt in so far as I missed and my family member enjoyed the water activites the previous day. Great and hard work to organise a school camp for the school and teacher, well done, and thankfully a successful, challenging yet safe time.

Back also to hear written reports highlighting some not so great news about my home localities - a HB district health board report revealed my region to have some of the sickest people in the country, faring the worst out of 21 district health boards, with my locality leading mortality figures for breast cancer, strokes and suicide attempts than anywhere else in New Zealand. I am thankful to live here however and think Hawke's bay is a good place to be but I am concerned by this report.

I did try a lovely savy - savignon blanc - over the weekend whilst dinning out and for beauty and extra impact added a beautiful ripe strawberry to my wine glass to good effect. The strawberries are beautifully in season just now. I want to make more money on line somehow! I hear a blog is a must have and am enjoying the journey!

Best, go well and stay safe.

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