October 16, 2006

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Wine tourism in New Zealand!

Yes I am seeking to increase my understanding and to post here on the topic of travel and lifestyle and wine tourism and to communicate by pictures and text to an international reader and to basically showcase my web log. This baby blog simply documents a first method I have for gaining a wider profile, for keeping myself e-savy and literate and also for posting mainly landscape photos taken this year whilst travelling and thinking about my place of birth. It also allows me to share the internet resources I have and learn from other bloggers as how the blog can benefit me best. I do welcome your feedback on what you see at this new baby blog. I like contact with readers and like to post and write.

Please don't hesitate to contact me via email, I will move toward adding some affliate links to this soon.

If you would like my support for research about New Zealand or historical research a consultation fee will apply - email your proposal or inquiry/request to mckeever.helena@gmail.com.

There is also a Paypal button at the base of blog to receive payments from any currency if you are paying an invoice for a service I have provided.

My no. one wine e-link/best accademic bibliography for wine research dissertations etc Heli's 2006 Pick: http://www.library.auckland.ac.nz/subjects/bus/infosources/wine.htm

New Zealand Grape Varieties revealed:
Sauvignon Blanc
Muller Thurgau
Pinot Gris
Chenin Blanc
Muscat Varieties
Pinot Noir
Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet Franc

To your success,
Go well and best regards

October 2006

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